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Welcome to FIDICTerms

FIDICTerms – The FIDIC Glossary of Terms

FIDICTerms is an online glossary of terms. The intention of this glossary is to make definitions of FIDIC-recognised terms available for the public, and for readers to understand how the majority of these FIDIC terms are used in most FIDIC publications, and their recent editions. As such FIDICTerms covers terms and definitions in FIDIC publications presented by the following FIDIC Committees:

  • Business Practice Committee (BPC)
  • Capacity Building Committee (CBC)
  • Contracts Committee (CC)
  • Integrity Management Committee (IMC)
  • Membership Committee (MemC)
  • Risk Committee (RC)
  • Sustainable Development Committee (SDC)

FIDICTerms is a semi-open sourced glossary for which anyone can suggest a new term and it´s definition. Simply submit a suggested definition for your term to Depending on topic for the term, the suggested term will then be forwarded to a suitable FIDIC expert for review and possible approval.

Introduction to FIDIC

FIDIC is the International Federation of Consulting Engineers which represents globally the consulting engineering industry. As such, the Federation promotes the business interest of firms supplying technology-based intellectual services for the built and natural environment. FIDIC acronym stands for the French version of the name -Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils. The following 8 objectives drive FIDIC and have been included as reference for the reader of this wiki to better understand the development of the FIDIC International Standard Forms.

  1. Be the recognised international authority on issues relating to consulting engineering best practice.
  2. Actively promote high standards of ethics and integrity among all stakeholders involved in the development of infrastructure worldwide.
  3. Maintain and enhance FIDIC’s representation of the consulting engineering industry worldwide.
  4. Enhance the image of consulting engineering.
  5. Promote and assist the worldwide development of viable consulting engineering industries.
  6. Promote and enhance the leading position of FIDIC’s Forms of Contract.
  7. Improve and develop FIDIC’s training and publishing activities.
  8. To promote and encourage the development of Young Professionals in the Consulting Engineering Industry.

To learn more about FIDIC and its related activities, please see their website (, or contact via post message: FIDIC – International Federation of Consulting Engineers World Trade Center II - Geneva Airport P. O. Box 311 CH-1215 Geneva 15 Switzerland