Sustainable Lifestyles

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Sustainable Lifestyles
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Sustainable Lifestyles means :

SDABC2015.png The ABC for Sustainable Cities - A glossary for policy makers. 1st edition (2015)

A “sustainable lifestyle” is a cluster of habits, embedded in a social context and enabled by efficient infrastructures, framing individual choices and actions that minimize the use of natural resources and generation of emissions, wastes and pollution, while supporting fairness and prosperity for all. Creating sustainable lifestyles requires a change in social norms, policies and design of infrastructure; it means rethinking our ways of living, how we buy and how we organize our everyday life. It is also about altering how we socialize, exchange, share, educate and build identities. It is about transforming our societies and living in balance with our natural environment. As citizens, at home and at work, many of our choices on energy use, food, transport, waste, communication and interaction contribute to building sustainable lifestyles. Governments have a key role to play by creating the conducive policy environment that facilitates products and services, infrastructure, and systems of provision that make the sustainable option the norm. Education and capacity building are essential, as well as the full participation of civil society in the transition, and the involvement of the business sector to develop innovative solutions for sustainable lifestyles.

Based on UNEP CLU (unpublished).