Disaster Preparedness

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Disaster Preparedness
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Disaster Preparedness means :

SDABC2015.png The ABC for Sustainable Cities - A glossary for policy makers. 1st edition (2015)

The knowledge and capacities developed by governments, professional response and recovery organizations, communities and individuals to effectively anticipate, respond to, and recover from, the impacts of likely, imminent or current hazard events or conditions (1).

Preparedness measures include plans of action for potential disasters, maintenance and training of emergency services, the development and exercise of emergency population-warning methods combined with emergency shelters and evacuation plans, the stockpiling of supplies and equipment, and the development and practice of multi-agency coordination (2).

In conjunction with government and industry, UNEP has developed the «Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level (APELL) programme, with the purpose of minimising the occurrence and harmful effects of technological accidents and environmental emergencies. The strategy of the APELL approach is to identify and create awareness of risks in an industrialised community, to initiate measures for risk reduction and mitigation, and to develop co-ordinated preparedness between the industry, the local authorities and the local population. (3)

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