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Cradle to Cradle
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Cradle to Cradle means :

SDABC2015.png The ABC for Sustainable Cities - A glossary for policy makers. 1st edition (2015)

Cradle to cradle can be defined as the design and production of products of all types in such a way that at the end of their life, they can be truly recycled (upcycled), imitating nature’s cycle with everything either recycled or returned to the earth, directly or indirectly through food, as a completely safe, nontoxic, and biodegradable nutrient. Cradle to cradle promotes the principle that products can be designed from the outset so that, after their useful lives, they will provide nourishment for something new. This could be either as a biological nutrient that will easily re-enter the water or soil without depositing synthetic materials and toxins or as technical nutrients that will continually circulate as pure and valuable material within a closed loop industrial cycle.

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