Collaborative Consumption

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Collaborative Consumption
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Collaborative Consumption means :

SDABC2015.png The ABC for Sustainable Cities - A glossary for policy makers. 1st edition (2015)

Collaborative consumption is an economic model based on sharing, swapping, trading, or renting products and services, enabling access over ownership. Including three distinct systems: 1. Redistribution markets: Unwanted or underused goods redistributed, 2. Collaborative Lifestyles: Non-product assets such as space, skills and money are exchanged and traded in new ways, 3. Product Service Systems: Pay to access the benefit of a product versus needing to own it outright. (1),

A Shareable City enables residents to efficiently and safely share all kinds of assets – from spaces to cars, skills and utilities – to create stronger, healthier and more connected communities. In the United States, 15 mayors signed the Shareable Cities resolution in summer 2013, declaring their support of the sharing economy. (2)

(1) Rachel Botsman; What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption Hardcover – September 14, 2010, (2) based on, 2013, how shareable is your city,