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Introduction to FIDIC´s view on Integrity Management

The business relationship that consulting engineering firms strive to create with their clients is that of trusted advisor, a relationship that cannot thrive unless the firm acts with integrity towards all of its stakeholders, whether internal or external to the business. This is such a key component of success that integrity, along with quality and sustainability, are the values on which FIDIC is based. Because this is such a key aspect of the health of the consulting engineering industry, FIDIC has been actively developing tools and policies around this issue for many years.

FIDIC has chosen the term “Integrity Management” purposely. FIDIC advocates ethical integrity to fight corruption and an integrated management system as an approach to control and verify its performance in this regard. It begins with a firm’s commitment to a Code of Conduct on behalf of all of its members, and leadership which demonstrates this commitment in a clear and visible way. The CEO must lead in the formulation of the Code of Conduct and in the allocation of resources to the integrity management initiative. There should be no misunderstanding that top management demands compliance to integrity values, and is prepared to take the necessary actions for achieving integrity.

FIDIC’s dedicated Integrity Management Committee (IMC) is tasked with the development of policies, guidelines and processes aimed at better understanding a "managing" risks of corruption. The IMC works with other international organisations to achieve this objective to ensure that there is only one standard used by the industry. Additionally, the FIDIC IMC improves awareness of integrity management within the younger members of FIDIC and the global engineering community as an effective and appropriate method of conducting consulting business.

Publications and their editions represented with definitions in FIDICTerms, Integrity Management category

The editions of the FIDIC Integrity Management publications referenced to populate the glossary of terms in FIDICTerms currently include:

  • FIDIC Guidelines for Integrity Management System in the consulting industry, Part 1 - Policies and principles (FIMS1), 1st edition (2011).
  • Model Representative Agreement, 1st edition (2013).
  • FIDIC Guidelines for Integrity Management System in the consulting industry, Part 2 - FIMS Procedures (FIMS2), 1st edition (2015).


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  3. Coercion
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  8. Country
  9. Extortion
  10. Facilitation Payment
  11. Fraud
  12. Integrity
  13. Integrity Management
  14. Integrity Management (IM) System
  15. Integrity Policy
  16. Party
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  19. Representative Services