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One of FIDIC’s core objectives is to...

“Promote and assist the worldwide development of a viable consulting engineering industry” through Assisting FIDIC´s Member Associations and, where such associations are not yet formed, supporting the emerging consulting engineering industry. Appropriate capacity development is important for the industry to maintain best practices and high quality services which are sustainable. Advocating the critical importance of engineering to economic growth.

Definition of Capacity Building

Capacity building at FIDIC refers to enhancing the skills, knowledge and abilities of consulting engineering firms and professionals within firms in the management and development of successful consulting engineering practices.

For this purpose, FIDIC makes available to its members a number of training courses, modules and best practice guidelines and documents.

At the same time FIDIC has appointed a dedicated Capacity Building Committee which, among other tasks, evaluates capacity gaps in Member Associations and consulting firms, using objective criteria and available information wherever possible; promotes capacity building for Member Associations and firms as an important activity within FIDIC, and ensures that capacity building programs are delivered at annual conferences; and advises FIDIC on information needs to support capacity building initiatives.

The responsibility for acquiring these skills within firms rests with the owners, managers and senior staff, and it is to these people that FIDIC addresses its capacity building initiatives.

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